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Available exclusively from Bell Asphalt.
Bellflex is an advanced expansion joint system for new build and refurbishment projects. This proven and highly versatile system ensures the joint is totally sealed and will provide an impermeable seal against water ingress, thus preventing premature damage to the structure. Fully covered by a twenty year warranty, Bellflex can be used for a range of applications including multi-storey car parks and HGV decks.

New Expansion, Roofing & Waterproofing Services

Installation Method For Bellflex Joint System For Car Park And HGV Decks 

1. Concrete deck will be primed with bitumen primer minimum of 500mm on either side of exposed joint. 2 x 10mm coats of waterproofing mastic asphalt, 1st layer directly to primed concrete. This will ensure there is no tracking of water across deck to the joint area. Asphalt will be laid to full width of primed deck area and finished flush to joint. 

2. Fill exposed joint in deck with closed-cell foam, finish level with waterproofing asphalt. Allow foam to cure, fully bond BELLFLEX expansion joint membrane to waterproofing asphalt with epoxy resin adhesive, stopping adhesive 50mm either side of closed sell foam. This will allow extra expansion for the membrane. 

3. Install BELLFLEX mechanical expansion joint sections. Drill and fix using stainless steel M20 chemical fixings. 

4. Lay paving grade asphalt either side of mechanical joint, sandwiching BELLFLEX membrane between paving asphalt and waterproofing asphalt. Finish asphalt flush to mechanical joint, ensuring a smooth bump free surface across mechanical joint to stop impact stress on joint. 

BELLFLEX is covered by a 20 year waterproofing warranty. 

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